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Juan Enrique Moller, MD, is a licensed medical doctor and somatic therapist who has worked as a journalist, administrator and technology consultant. With a clear focus in his life path, he recognizes his life’s work is to practice and promote alternative forms of medicine and health. He has lived in Tepoztlán, Morelos for the last 11 years and also lived in the United States during his 20s, where he worked in news media and technology. Juan has initiated and guided journeyers on psilocybin discoveries for the past twenty years and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of helping people find the best versions of themselves through these retreats. He has been organizing various forms of group discovery experiences since the early 2000s.

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Sue Kasun, PhD, has led groups into Mexico to explore its cultures and peoples for over a decade. She is also a professor of culture and language education at a large, U.S. public university. Both her books focus on learning and working with people in Mexico. Sue is most comfortable in helping people learn to explore their deepest passions by looking on this inside. She finds it an honor to help people make the most profound journey–that of the exploration of one’s interiority. Helping people discover themselves as an educator since the late 1990s has been one of her greatest journeys, one she remains committed to. No stranger to adversity, she pulls from her healing experiences of surviving the loss of her mother to suicide to her own surviving cancer (in part, thanks to psilocybin) as a means to share and give back to others. A poet and meditator, Sue is also a mother of two bilingual children.

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SoulMexJourney resonates with diverse individuals seeking science-backed, transformative psilocybin experiences. Whether you're a skeptical seeker, experienced psychonaut, or a beginner, our tailored, trusted, and comprehensive approach empowers meaningful psychedelic journeys

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