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A Peaceful Retreat

Enjoy a comfortable, safe space with carefully curated experiences to support your growth and journey.

Welcome to Milcoapa

Milcoapa, our retreat hotel, is a cozy, family-run hotel established in 1970. Juan, the lead retreat guide, is the most recent owner of the hotel, a space where he took his first steps as a child. The grounds are lovingly maintained by generations of local townspeople who care for it as their own. 

There are nine spacious rooms with original art and large windows. Each has a private entrance from the garden with its own bathroom and shower. Milcoapa provides toiletries made from essential oils and locally grown flowers in your room to support your healing experience in all senses. The grounds provide Wifi; though we recommend participants focus on themselves during the experience. You will find peace on a swing, under the terracotta roof of the common space next to the pool or enjoying the local tropical vegetation native to Tepoztlán.


Our carefully tailored menu

Delight in a culinary journey crafted to meet your healing needs. Our wholesome and delicious meals, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, will nourish your body and tantalize your taste buds. We carefully design our menu to both provide a bridge between global and Mexican cuisines and provide our participants with some unique regional Mexican flavors that are scarcely available outside Mexico, such as regionally sourced corn itacates or hibiscus flower tacos. Each meal is designed to support your well-being throughout this transformative retreat. We also offer cuisine that can be both very nourishing and familiar for our visitors from other countries for those who are less interested in such a culinary journey.


Discover Magical Tepoztlan

Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, Tepoztlan offers an enchanting atmosphere which many choose to return to. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the rich culture, ancient archaeological sites, and holistic wellness practices by extending your stay, if you wish. Engage in gentle activities such as guided walks in nature, allowing you to absorb the rejuvenating energy of your surroundings.


Join us on the SoulMex Journey Retreat, designed specifically to cater to individuals new to psychedelic experiences. Let us accompany you on this transformative adventure, where you can reconnect with your true self, find inner healing, a sense of interconnectedness and embrace the potential for profound personal growth.


Please note: Our retreat provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals who are new to psychedelics. We are committed to your well-being and ensuring your comfort throughout the journey.

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SoulMexJourney resonates with diverse individuals seeking science-backed, transformative psilocybin experiences. Whether you're a skeptical seeker, experienced psychonaut, or a beginner, our tailored, trusted, and comprehensive approach empowers meaningful psychedelic journeys

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