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Rediscover Yourself in a Serene Setting

Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of our family-owned hotel and grounds, Milcoapa. Our exclusive retreat venue is just three blocks off the picturesque town square, which you may also visit for a relaxing coffee, a bowl of ramen, or a local artisanal ice cream. Surrounded by nature's beauty, from the native trees where you can hang your hammock to the flowers inside each room, this is the perfect sanctuary for you to reconnect with your inner self. From every direction on the grounds, the ancient Tepozteco mountains and nearby pyramid offer a sacred energy which will support your experience. Relax and unwind in your private bedroom, where comfort and rejuvenation await.


You will have a private room and private bathroom that you can use for the retreat experience as well. Meals are offered in the dining hall and the outdoor dining room as well as the thatched hut in front of the pool.

Ray of Light

Ignite Your Spirit with Our Distinct Heart-Opening Rituals

Our retreats provide a transformative five-day experience designed for seekers as well as individuals who are newer to the world of psychedelic exploration. SoulMex is also designed for those who would like to be purposeful about psilocybin, specifically as a pathway to healing. Join us as we guide you through a profound journey of self-discovery, a sense of interconnectedness, and the achievement of personal growth, set against the backdrop of the sweeping mountain town of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Experience the transformative power of some of Mexico’s ancient traditions as we gather around an evening fire for a heart-opening cacao ceremony. This gentle and sacred ritual, rooted in Aztec heritage, will help you embrace a sense of openness and connection. Allow the glow of the fire and the rich aroma of cacao to awaken your spirit, preparing you for the profound experiences that lie ahead. While we embrace the depths of Mexican and Mesoamerican rituals to support your journey, all our work with psilocbyin is based in medical research. We provide an integrative healing space unlike others that draws on the best of ancient wisdom and contemporary research. 


We also engage an eclectic set of approaches to healing from various traditions. Choose to encounter your source of creativity in a quiet, non-threatening set of simple, heart-opening writing exercises where you can better understand your deepest yearnings along with your inner voice. 


Prepare to be supported as well through guided, gentle body awareness meditation ceremonies based on the principles of other ancient healing traditions.

For Individuals or Groups

We offer our retreats for individuals on their unique, singular journeys as well as groups. For groups of four or more, we offer a group rate. We work with groups to design a program that meets the group's goals, ranging from collective vision definition to community building.


For us at SoulMex Journey, creating a mutually caring community is one of our highest values. Reach out to us for information regarding our options.

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SoulMexJourney resonates with diverse individuals seeking science-backed, transformative psilocybin experiences. Whether you're a skeptical seeker, experienced psychonaut, or a beginner, our tailored, trusted, and comprehensive approach empowers meaningful psychedelic journeys

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